Project Description

Fox Sports Profcoach: Fantasy Football Game


Fox Sports commissioned Chroma to create a brand new fantasy football game. The brief was to implement cutting-edge functionality and employ groundbreaking design techniques. One crucial factor was to remain in keeping with Fox Sports brand guidelines. My role was to lead the UX design process on the project. Given that, I was responsible for the user journey, the functionality and look and feel of the product. The requirement was to design primarily as an iOS and Android App, alongside a mobile-first website. The process: Design user flow, Sketching layouts, creating low-fi and high-fi wireframes with Photoshop. We decided that creating interactive prototypes with InVision would allow us to collaborate easily with remote clients. The team then created the user interface using Sketch. This project was one of the most complex I have worked on but still managed to deliver a successful product on time and within budget.