Getting ready for the voice-first era is currently a top priority for leading companies around the globe. From Amazon Alexa’s $100 million Alexa Fund, to The Slack Fund, an $80 million investment fund, there’s a lot of support for startups exploring voice technology.

Whether you believe the Forbes article that claims 2017 will be the year of voice, you should at least be paying attention.

Amazon Alexa

Already, more than half of US teens and 41% of US adults use voice search on a daily basis, with its use continuing to grow every day according study conducted by Northstar Research.

What’s more, by 2020, 50% of all searches will be voice searches according to comScore. Voice will be the next big frontier in technology—bigger than the mobile app economy ever was.

But how many businesses are ready for this shift? And who will get them there?

You’ve probably guessed it. It will be you—the designer!